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Press Release on 'The Dubai Intl. Conference on Atmospheric pollution & The International Exhibition on Environmental Technology (ENVIROTEX2004)' , Dubai

Saturday 21st of February 2004

Dubai Intl. Convention Center, 21 – 25 February, 2003

Under the Patronage of the General H.H. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai – Defense Minister, the Zayed International Prize for the Environment is organising this important event in collaboration with the UAE Ministry of Transport, UAE Ministry of Defense, UAE Ministry of Petroleum & Minerals, UAE University, WMO, UNEP, UAE Federal Environmental Agency. This conference is also sponsored and/or suported by the Dubai Police HQ, Dubai Radio & TV, Emirates Post, BMW, Gulf Eternit, Dubai International Trade Centre and Emirates Airline.

Air pollution is a serious threat to human survival affecting all aspects of life on earth including its socio-economic development. Climatic changes have been on their upswing choking, many urban areas worldwide and theory effecting sustainable development. With Asian brown clouds becoming an important issue in this part of the world. It has been catching media headlines recently.

Theme of the Conference
Air Quality for better life in the Third Millennium.

Overall Goal

This conference, which is the third international conference to be organized by the Zayed Prize, is a continuation of international efforts to highlight this important environmental issue at the local, regional and international level. Most important, however, is to provide a forum for dialogue and discussion between scientists, decision makers and practitioner for exchange of latest information and transfer of technology in support of sustainable economic and social development in this region and the world around.


1 Assessment of current urban air quality and measures taken to improve it.
2 Assessment of the Asian Brown Cloud as an example of trans-boundary air pollution.
3 Assessment of the global commons: the earth atmosphere
4 Review of the health aspects and environmental impact of the urban and trans-boundary air pollution.
5 Assemble knowledge on air pollution control strategies for the benefit of this and other regions of the world.
6 Identify current approaches for the development of models and practical systems for the control of air pollution.
7 Review of latest technologies and research in the assessment, development and management of air quality.
8 Propose schemes for capacity building.
9 Promote awareness on air pollution impact and control by providing material for education and training.


I Air Quality in Urban Areas
1 Monitoring and assessment of air quality in urban areas
2 Auto-emissions
3 Industrial emissions
4 Municipal Waste emissions
5 Dust pollution
6 Fog, Smog and related phenomena
7 Air quality Standards and Regulations
8 Case studies of best practice
9 Socio-Economic cost of air pollution

II Trans-boundary Air Pollution
1 The Asian Brown Cloud and related phenomena
2 Wild and Man-made fires
3 Acid Rain

III Global Air Pollution
1 The relation between recent environmental disasters and atmospheric pollution
2 Impact of Environmental Disasters on air quality.
3 Climate Change: convention and progress.
4 The role of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
5 The role of international organizations.

IV Governance
1 Regional conventions and protocols
2 National laws and strategies to control air pollution
3 Political and security implications of trans-boundary air pollution
4 Regional cooperation in air pollution control and management
5 Global cooperation for the management of the earth atmosphere: the Montréal Protocol Model

Field Trips

A post-conference one-day field trip will be arranged to some air quality monitoring stations and early warning systems in the UAE.

Keynote Speakers

Several distinguished scientists from universities, research centers and international organizations have been invited as keynote speakers on special subjects related to the theme of the conference, especially on global and regional policies.

At least, 200 scientists are expected to present research papers in this conference whether orally or as posters.

Conference Language

English will be the sole language of the conference and there is no simultaneous translation, except during the Opening Session.

Full information is on our website: www.zayedprize.org.ae


The International Exhibition on Environmental Technology run in tandem with the conference. We are expecting around 300 companies from around the world, exhibiting the latest technology in all aspects of air quality management, pollution control, cleaner production technology, clean Energy technology and the Environment. Environmental institutions and organisations of the UAE are encouraged to participate. This exhibition will be open for all and schools and colleges are welcome to take this opportunity to educate their students and raise their awareness regarding these vital life-supporting issues.

The Zayed Prize Second Award Ceremony, which is a grand event attended by so many dignitaries from all continents of the world in addition to the winners and Jury members, will also be organized at the same time. The ceremony will take place on Saturday evening, 21st February 2004.

H.H. the Patron will open the Conference and Exhibition at 09:00 a.m. on Sunday, February 22nd, 2004. The Opening Ceremony of the Conference, at the Dubai International Convention Center, will be addressed by the general H.H. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum - Patron of the event, Prof. G. Obasi – Secretary General of WMO, Dr. Klaus Topfer – Executive Director of UNEP and Dr. Mohamed A. Bin Fahad – Chairman of the Zayed Prize Higher Committee.

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