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Press Release announcing “the Winners of the Zayed Prize 4th Cycle”, Dubai

Monday 19th of May 2008

This year's winners will be awarded on June 9 in Dubai. The prize for global leadership has been awarded to Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland from Norway. Former prime minister of Norway she served as the director-general of the World Health Organisation and now works as special envoy on climate change for the United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon.

The prize for scientific or technological achievements is shared between Dr. Jane Lubchenco, a world leader in environmental sciences and Dr. V. Ramanathan, a distinguished climatologist.

The third prize for environment action leading to positive change in society has been given to Environment Development Action in the Third World (ENDA) established in Senegal in 1972.

ENDA works with the poor and developed a range of projects and activities to combat desertification, sustainable energy and grassroots community self-help programmes.

This prize is also shared with Tierrmerica, a specialist information service on environment and development produced by the international news agency Inter Press Service.

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