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Promoting sustainable development and protection and appreciation of the environment has always been our major goal. Aiming at this, Zayed International Foundation for Environment has initiated a green education platform - The Zayed Green Challenge App. The knowledge-based game app is intended to educate and create awareness on sustainable development among people. Being a game app, it suits every age group and the diverse sectors of people in the society.

The app extends many interesting features, including a prize-winning quiz competition and an engaging memory game. The quiz game ‘Knowledge Hunt’ tests the knowledge of people on environment and sustainable development. People from across the world can participate and win cash prizes from the ‘Knowledge Hunt’ game. There will be 3 winners every month that would get cash prizes of US$ 100, 50 and 25 respectively. ‘Smart Mind’ is purely an interactive, memory testing game.

Knowledge Hunt Game

The game requires participants to attend 10 or more questions. Only the first 10 right answers will be considered for selection of winners. Though subsequent questions may be attempted for the gaming and learning experience, they will not be considered for selecting winners. One who gives the most number of right answers within the shortest duration will be the winner. In order to claim the prize money, the winner should have a valid profile with original photo as profile picture. The winner may also need to submit verifiable proof of entitlement to claim the prize money.

Smart Mind

It is not a prize-winning competition segment. As the name indicates, the game intends to test the memory of the player. A set of images will be displayed for 5 seconds and after that, the player will be asked to spot any one image displayed before. Players will get 10 seconds of time to choose the right image. This is an engaging yet smart memory test game that everyone would love to play.

The app is free to download from Play Store and App Store. Go through our Terms and Conditions here.

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