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A quarterly referred book series in Arabic named A'alam Al Beia (World of Environment). So far 9 books have been published on:

  1. 1. "Environmental Economics"(2003) by Dr. Mohamed Abdrabo
  2. 2. "Desert Plants and their role in Sustainable Development" (2004) by Prof Mahmoud Zahran
  3. 3. " Energy and International Conventions in Arab Countries" (2004) by Dr. Husham Al Khateeb
  4. 4. "Clean Agriculture" (2005) by Prof Mohamed Saber
  5. 5. "Traditional Knowledge of Arabian Deserts " (2006) by Prof Kamaleddin EL Batanouni and Hassan El Batanouni.
  6. 6. "Urban Environment" (2007) by Dr. Mohamed Abdrabo and Dr.Mahmoud Adel Hassan.
  7. 7. "The Mangrove Ecosystem on the coasts of the Red Sea and Arabian Peninsula" (2007) by Prof. Mahmoud A. Zahran
  8. 8. "Environmental Planning and its strategic role in Environmental conservation" (2008) by Dr. Adel A. Abdul Razzaq
  9. 9. “Environmental Crises” (2008) By Osama M. Sawah.
  10. 10. "Arab Water Security: towards integrated and sustainable water resources management in the Arab world" by Dr. Mohamed A. Dawoud.
  11. 11. “Cloudy Spring: the Vicious Cycle of Environmental Deterioration” (2009) by Prof Mohamed Saber
  12. 12. “Environmental Management” by Dr. Husham El Zayat.
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