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Home The Dubai International Conference on Atmospheric Pollution, Dubai - February 2004

The Dubai International Conference on Atmospheric Pollution, Dubai International Convention Center – Dubai - 21-24th February, 2004, in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The Theme of the conference was: "Air Quality for better life on Earth in the Third Millennium".

There were three important outcomes from this conference: first, the conference issued the "Dubai Declaration on Trans-boundary Air Pollution", which has been printed and distributed widely, specially among the ASIAN countries.

Secondly, the conference recommended the establishment of a "Regional Center in the UAE for the monitoring of Trans-boundary Air Pollution".

Thirdly, the Zayed Prize, in collaboration with Shell Middle East, organized for the first time the "Students Parliament on Air Pollution". This included 40 high school students of different nationalities from 12 different schools in the UAE who debated this issue for one day and issued a statement. The Student Parliament Statement was delivered by one of the students during the Closing Session of the conference when several ministers and the Executive Director of the UNEP were present together with over 100 scientists and representatives of the international organizations.

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