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  • Innovative Energy Production from Waste




This statute is called "The Statute of the Zayed International Prize for Environment"


The following words and terms are of the meaning indicated next to them unless otherwise specified:
The State: The United Arab Emirates.
The Prize: The Zayed International Prize for the Environment.
The Higher Committee: The Higher Committee of the prize.
The Standards: General standards of nomination and eligibility for the Prize.
The Technical Committee: The independent Technical Committee established for the Prize purposes.
The International Jury: The independent International Committee established for the selection of the winners.
The secretariat: The General Secretariat of the Prize.


Dubai City, United Arab Emirates, shall be the permanent seat of the Prize.


The purpose of the prize is to acknowledge and appreciate prominent and pioneer contributions by individuals, groups of individuals, institutions, organizations, companies, societies, unions, and the like towards sustainable utilization of resources and improvement of the environment. The contributions should promote sustainable development in line with the environment and development philosophy and vision of H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, President of the state. They should also be in accordance with the goals and objectives of the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development towards protection of the environment in order to fulfill the needs of the present generations without compromising the needs of the future generations.


The following words and terms are of the meaning indicated next to them unless otherwise specified:
1. The Prize is regarded as an award of appreciation to be conferred in the name of H.H Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan , president of the state, according to specific selection standards and criteria. The Prize shall be under the Patronage of General, H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, UAE Defense Minister.
2. Competition for the Prize shall be open to all those who are concerned with the environment nationally, regionally and internationally.
3. The Prize consists of one million US Dollars, medals and certificates of appreciation to be especially designed for the prize and signed by the Patron.


The Prize shall be awarded every two years and presented by the Patron of the Prize in a public ceremony in Dubai, within the celebrations of the National Environment Day.


The fields of the Prize shall be within the framework of protecting the environment and safeguarding its resources according to the complimentary relationship between the environment and development and the concept of environmental sustainability. They should also be related to the ways and means of striking a balance between the population, environment and developmental resources.

The Prize covers the following main fields:

  • Fragile Ecosystems.
  • Protecting fresh water supplies and quality and applying integrated concepts for developing, managing, and utilizing water resources.
  • Conservation and development of biological diversity and wildlife.
  • Protecting the marine environment, developing its biological resources and adopting the integrated coastal zone management. 
  • Enhancing sustainable rural development.
  • Enhancing sustainable development of industry and energy sectors, and controlling pollution resulting from their activities.
  • Transferring and introducing environmentally sound technologies into production and resources utilization processes.
  • Environmental Health.
  • Spreading and raising awareness through environmental education and community participation.
  • Promoting regional and International co-operation for capacity building and sustainable development. 
  • Enhancing the role of Women in environmental and development.
  • Environmental security.


Nomination for the prize shall be open to individuals, groups of individuals, institutions, organizations, institutes, companies, unions, societies, agencies and governmental and non-govern mental organizations. They must be distinguished by their achievements, in the field of environment in general and the Prize in particular, that meet the standards and requirements of eligibility for the Prize.


The Higher Committee shall determine the general conditions of eligibility for nomination and selection of the Prize winner(s) in consultation with the concerned bodies of the United Nations and the International Jury, as needed. The following shall be considered.

  • Successful handling and a permanent solution for a certain environmental problem that improves and  supports,with great concern,the environment and its relationship with sustainable development.
  • Success in bringing important environmental issues into the main focus of the public and decision makers, and mobilizing and urging national and international efforts to successfully solve and handle these issues. 
  • Taking an active part in developing theoretical and practical concepts and techniques that make a real difference in favour of environmental protection and sustainable development. 
  • Activating the mechanisms of partnership, co-ordination and participation in the areas of environment and development


  • Nominations of individuals, groups of individuals and other entities for the Prize can be forwarded to the Higher Committee according to articles (9 & I0) of this statute. A nominator may not recommend more than one nominee. 
  • Any nomination shall be accompanied by the curriculum vitae and detailed description of the work for  which the nomination is made, in addition to an evaluation of the results and outcome of the  achievement. 
  • Nominations shall be made using the nomination form developed by the Higher Committee for this purpose. 
  • Members of the selection committees , which are formed under this statute may not nominate themselves, relatives or any member of their organization, while they hold membership.


  • The Winners shall be selected for the Prize award in accordance with the recommendations made by the International Jury. 
  • The recommendations made by the International Jury shall attain a two-thirds majority. 
  • The Prize may be awarded to more than one individual or institution. 
  • With the observance of article (9) of this statute, the Prize may be awarded to the heirs of a deceased  Prize winner(s) if he/she has been nominated during the period of the prize. 

The Prize shall be withheld from institutions, agencies and other bodies specified by article (9) of this statute if they have not been in existence at the time of the Prize awarding.


The organizational structure of this Prize consists of: 

  • The Higher Committee. 
  • The International Jury.
  • The Technical Committee.
  • The General Secretariat.


The Patron of the prize issues a decree for the establishment of the Higher Committee specifying its members.


  • The Higher Committee shall be responsible for the following: 
  • The development of the rules organizing the work of the Prize Committees to be submitted to the Patron of the Prize for approval.
  • Preparation of the draft annual budget of the Prize to be submitted to the Patron of the Prize.
  • Determining the general conditions of eligibility for nomination & selection of the Prize winner(s) in consultation with the International Jury.
  • Selection of the Technical Committee.
  • Selection of the International Jury.
  • Establishing and developing the General Secretariat of the Prize.
  • Developing the organizational rules for the work of the Technical Committee and the International Jury determining their members, periods of membership, mandate and operating procedures.
  • Developing the organizational rules for the Prize Secretariat determining its organizational structure, job description and work procedures.
  • Developing financial rules concerning the appropriations of the members of all Prize Committees in addition to the benefits of the Prize Secretariat staff.
  • All other responsibilities that may be entrusted to the Higher Committee by the Patron of the Prize.



In consultation with the Patron, an account shall be opened in a National Bank under the name of the Zayed International Prize for the Environment.


The account operations and management tasks shall be controlled by an investment agreement between the Higher Committee and the certified bank .


1. The capital of the Prize amounting to US $15,000,000 (Fifteen Million US Dollars), granted by the Patron of the Prize, General, H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, UAE Minister of Defense, shall be deposited in the Prize account.
2. Grants and donations by individuals and relevant organizations to the Prize may be accepted in accordance with the guidelines to be issued by the Patron of the Prize.


The Prize management cost and amounts paid to the Prize winner(s) shall be recorded on the Account. The Expenditure and the Prize value, every two years, shall not exceed the accounting return for the same period.


The account operations shall be performed according to a separate accounting system prepared by a specialized technical body to be recommended by the Higher Committee and approved by the Patron of the Prize.

General, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum 
Crown Prince of Dubai, UAE Minister of Defense

Issued on 30 January, 1999 13 Shawwal, 1419 H 

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