• Sustainable Tourism
  • Advances in Desalination Nanotechnology
  • Efficient Irrigation for Sustainable Farming
  • Innovative Energy Production from Waste


HomeEligibility Requirements

  • Only nominations will be considered. Self-nominations and applications will not be accepted.
  • A nominator may not recommend more than one nominee.
  • The nominator shall be a well-established and recognized person, who has sufficient knowledge of the work for which the individual or organization is being nominated.
  • Referees letter mentioning the work of the nominee (max. 250 words).
  • Nominees for the 4th Award Category “Young Scientists Award for Environment & Sustainable Development” must be young scientists with a minimum educational qualification of master’s degree and under the age of 40 (at the closing date of the application). (Applicable only for the 4th category).
  • Members of the selection committees and their families are not eligible for the Prize.
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