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After Corona, air quality improved in 337 cities around the world

Reduced air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions

The Chairman of the Supreme Committee for the Zayed International Foundation for the Environment, Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Bin Fahad, stressed that the pandemic of the emerging corona virus was able to put an end to the harm that the human caused to the environment, and to paint the features of the future planet in record time, especially as the sudden decrease of air pollution and the rate of greenhouse gas emissions Global warming coincided with precautionary measures to contain the spread of the pandemic. Bin Fahd added that the matter marked a positive beginning for long-term environmental change, but the success and sustainability of this matter are mainly related to how economic and industrial progress after the virus recedes, as it is possible that the new economic and industrial launches around the world could negatively affect the environment if it is not resolved by environmental responsibility

Positive side

Bin Fahad said that each crisis has a positive aspect, pointing to the numbers of the American Space Agency (NASA) about the decrease in pollution levels in New York by about 50%, compared to the same period last year, and the emission of China decreasing by 25% at the beginning of this year, and coal consumption decreased by 40% in six of the largest power plants in China since the last quarter of 2019, in addition to an improvement in air quality in 337 cities around the world by 11.4%, compared to the same period last year, and pollution rates have also decreased in several countries, such as Italy, France and Britain

Digital agriculture

The Secretary-General of the Zayed International Foundation for the Environment, Dr. Meshgan Mohamed Al Awar, praised the measures and initiatives taken by the Emirates to enhance food security in the country as part of its precautionary measures to prevent the outbreak of the new Corona virus (COVID-19), and said that the sustainability of Earth's health is not only limited to maintaining air quality. After "Corona", the focus should be on activating and accelerating digital agriculture, expanding its scope in the field of food and agriculture, and employing digital solutions and services and modern technology in inspiring the spirit of initiative among young people in the field of food and agriculture, spreading this culture on a large scale, and encouraging innovation in the field Agricultural, and honoring farmers as food heroes, as well as motivating community members to cultivate in their home gardens and farms, and to diversify their production and agricultural crops, in order to achieve food sufficiency during crises.

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