• Sustainable Tourism
  • Advances in Desalination Nanotechnology
  • Efficient Irrigation for Sustainable Farming
  • Innovative Energy Production from Waste


HomeSelection Criteria

The prize will be awarded for achievement(s) over a long period of time or for a single outstanding initiative.

The nominee must satisfy at least one of the following:

  • Advanced the cause of the environment and its contribution to sustainable development.

  • Brought to public or policy makers’ attention significant environmental sustainability issues and/or succeeded in mobilizing action towards their solution.

  • Mobilized regional/global efforts towards addressing sustainable development issues.

  • Successfully solved a major environmental problem, or accomplished sustained environmental improvement for a period of time.

  • Contributed significantly to intellectual, scientific or theoretical approaches to environmental concerns leading to positive impact on environmentally sustainable development.

  • Undertaken environmental activities and initiatives at the grass roots level, leading to sustainable positive change in society with the potential of serving as a model for replication.

  • Research in Environmental Science and Green Technology that has contributed significantly to the improvement of the World Environment and Sustainable Development (Applicable only for the 4th category “Young Scientists Award for Environment & Sustainable Development”)


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