• Sustainable Tourism
  • Advances in Desalination Nanotechnology
  • Efficient Irrigation for Sustainable Farming
  • Innovative Energy Production from Waste


HomeNomination Procedure

Nominations should be made using the On-line Nomination Form providing all the information required in the space provided.

The Nomination Form must be completed in English

Following are the Documents/attachments required(specified in the online nomination form):

      1) Suggested citation (max. 250 Words) highlighting the nominee's achievement in recognition of an outstanding
       contribution to Environmental Sustainability

      2) Supporting statement (2 to 3 pages)

      3) Details of achievements (please refer Selection Criteria)

      4) Detailed Curriculum Vitae of the nominee (4 to 5 pages)

      5) Short Biography of the nominee in narrative style (max. 250 Words)

Hard Copies/Other documents can be mailed to the following address:

Suite # 504 API Tower,
Sheikh Zayed Road.
P.O. Box 28399
Dubai - United Arab Emirates,
Tel: + 971 4 3326666
Email: mail@zayedprize.org.ae
Website: www.zayedprize.org.ae

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