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Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Bin Fahad: Human stillness- contributed to improving air quality globally

Significant decrease in toxic gas emissions

The Chairman of the Supreme Committee for the Zayed International Foundation for the Environment, Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Bin Fahad, stressed that the state of human sleep and the stopping of temporary human activity around the world due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus, contributed to improving air quality globally, pointing out that reducing air pollution levels reduces the disease burden caused For strokes, heart disease, lung cancer, and chronic and acute respiratory diseases, including asthma.Bin Fahd told -Emirates Today- that air pollution is one of the main environmental risks to health, and finally, NASA noticed, for the first time, a decrease in air pollution in the Chinese province of Hubei, where Fei Liu, a researcher in air quality at the Goddard Center For spaceflight "at NASA, this is the first time that he sees a significant drop in such a large area, while Marshall Burke, a researcher at Stanford University, explained that the rate of improvement in air quality recorded in China, resulting from isolation measures and preventive measures, may It contributed to saving the lives of more than 4000 children under five years of age, and about 73,000 elderly people.

Carbon Dioxide

The Chairman of the Supreme Committee for the Zayed International Foundation for Environment continued that the slowing of temporary economic activity around the world, along with the lack of production of the main industrial sectors, and the restriction of traffic, led to a decrease in carbon emissions, as the last time that carbon emissions decreased during the economic crisis in the world in 2008 2009, but in light of the extraordinary circumstance the world is experiencing at the current stage, a recent study has found that China's carbon dioxide emissions have decreased by about 25%.

Toxic gases

Bin Fahd added that researchers in New York revealed that carbon monoxide gas, or the so-called "killer gas", which is mainly produced by cars and trucks, has witnessed a sharp decline of nearly 50% compared to 2019, as New York City has recently witnessed a significant decrease in Carbon dioxide emissions, and that the European Space Agency, and through the satellite -Copernicus Sentinel 5B revealed a decrease in air pollution over Italy, especially nitrogen dioxide emissions, which is one of the toxic gases that can lead to irritation of the respiratory system, while To long-term cardiovascular or pulmonary disease.

A healthier future

Bin Fahad praised the health awareness and the moral responsibility of the UAE community and residents, stressing the need for continued social solidarity to protect the country in light of the outbreak of the Corona virus, and support the "national sterilization" program that charts a healthier future for all, pointing out that the exceptional circumstance In it, many countries of the world have strengthened the human leadership of the UAE, and showed the world its professionalism in dealing with the global epidemic, and its commitment to high humanitarian principles, laid its foundations for the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul.

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