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The UAE is regionally superior to eco-friendly resorts
Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer sustainable, luxurious and world-class options

Zayed International Foundation for the Environment revealed a qualitative environmental leadership that reflects the creativity of the UAE and its continuous efforts to enrich environmental tourism by relying on sustainable luxury options and international specifications.

The new achievement is Dubai and Abu Dhabi topping the list of the famous American magazine "Conde Nast Traveler" for the 7 best eco-friendly resorts in the Middle East for 2019, as it chose the magazine that is considered one of the important references regarding travel and experiences of exceptional life, the Al Maha Desert Resort in Dubai, and the Jumeirah Hotel Al Naseem, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Resort and Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa, managed by Anantara in Abu Dhabi, due to its luxurious and sustainable designs, and its adoption of pioneering community environmental initiatives, and the preservation of multiple types of local plants and animals, and protection of many living species threatened with extinction, in addition to providing exceptional opportunities that allow guests Learn about the marine marine ecosystems of the country, and free trips that allow interacting with wildlife and exploring nature.

Ambitious visions

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Bin Fahad, Chairman of the Supreme Committee for the Zayed International Foundation for the Environment, said: Thanks to the ambitious visions of our rational leadership, and the national efforts to improve the state of biological diversity, protect species and care for reserves, development plans have been linked to environmental considerations, and the UAE has become a pioneering environmental model, especially as it targets the green economy In its general strategy by supporting attention to eco-tourism areas, by creating environmentally friendly hotel and residential buildings that spread knowledge of the country's natural, historical and cultural heritage, and a distinct infrastructure that achieves the highest standards of sustainability, in addition to the continuous keeping up with the national agenda of the UAE's 2021 vision linked to the application of green development standards and increasing dependence On clean energy.

Luxurious dimensions

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Bin Fahad added that eco-tourism according to global statistics and forecasts will acquire 25% of the total global tourism movement by next year, and for this the UAE has been keen to develop the concept of eco-tourism in a remarkable way by giving it luxury dimensions, and this explains the leadership of Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the Middle East with their friendly resorts For the environment that applies the highest international standards for preserving the environment, in order to achieve several benefits, all of which correspond to the state's goals in the UAE Centennial 2071, including creating a new economic tributary to the local product, and increasing global competitiveness.

Natural heritage

Dr. Meshgan Mohamed Al Awar, Secretary-General of the Zayed International Foundation for the Environment, explained that the concept of eco-tourism expresses a new type of environmentally friendly tourism activity practiced by man, preserving the natural and civilized inheritance of the environment in which he lives, and practicing his activity and life responsibly.

She said that the natural heritage is an essential element in the tourism and tourism attraction industry, and the UAE has creatively employed it and developed its role to enrich the experiences of visitors and residents and also contribute to the local economy without harming the natural heritage and in a framework that achieves effectiveness and continuity, as the Al Maha resort is the first eco-tourist desert resort of its kind in The Middle East, the nature reserve surrounding the resort is a safe haven for many wildlife species, such as some animals, birds and plants threatened with extinction, while the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi resort has been carefully integrated into its charming natural surroundings.

Dr. Meshgan Mohamed Al Awar added that the unique location of the Eastern Crimea Hotel & Spa, managed by Anantara in Abu Dhabi, has made it an ideal base for sailing and exploring the mangrove or "Crimean" forests. As for the city of Jumeirah in which the Jumeirah Al Naseem Hotel is located, it has adopted several sustainable initiatives to enhance environmental conservation efforts. And establish a future friendly to the natural environment, in order to achieve transforming Dubai into a sustainable environmental destination.

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