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Environmental action leading to positive change in society



Environment Development Action in the Third World was established in the Senegal in 1972. For more than 30 years it has demonstrated success in improving the environment and people's lives throughout the Continent of Africa. It has successfully transferred leadership through three generations of excellent leaders. ENDA has established itself as one of the leading sustainable development organizations in the world. It is a member of RING, the world network of leading sustainable development organizations. ENDA has a positive impact at local, national and regional levels. Working with the poorest of the poor in rural and urban areas, ENDA has achieved great success under very difficult circumstances. It is one of the very few successful pan-African Environment and Development Organizations that works throughout Francophone and Anglophone Africa and in North Africa. ENDA is highly regarded by national governments and by the international community for its rigor in "research-action-learning", development impact, financial accountability and transparency. It is successful in a range of projects and activities from environmental action research, combating desertification, sustainable energy, working with women, youth and children, education training and awareness programs

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